NewAldaya Lifescapes Frequently Asked Questions – This document will be updated on a weekly basis. Current as of November 25, 2020. 

New Long-Term Care Facility Testing Requirements:

The federal government has released new testing requirements for nursing facility residents and employees that work in this particular care setting. The following is a summary of requirements NewAldaya Lifescapes (NAL) will be following, effective September 2, and how it will affect NAL residents and employees going forward:

Like NAL, nursing facilities across the state and the nation have been issued a point of care testing machine to be used for COVID-19 testing. This is a rapid test that will provide results within 15 minutes of the test being administered. In addition to our current testing of symptomatic residents and staff and individuals with known or potential COVID exposures, the following testing guidance is required:

  • New Routine Testing of Staff. Testing frequency is based on the extent of community virus activity the prior week; all staff are tested
  • Current Testing for signs, symptoms and exposures. Testing of staff and residents with symptoms of illness and possible or known exposure to COVID-19
  • New Outbreak. In terms of testing, an outbreak is now defined as the identification of a single positive COVID resident or staff and requires all facility staff and residents to be tested every three to seven days until no new cases have been identified for 14 days.

What does this mean? A lot of testing……

On September 3, 2020, routine testing of NAL staff will begin. Due to the current positivity rate of 10% or greater in Black Hawk County, each staff member must be tested twice in a seven- day period. Employees who fail to achieve the requirement will not be permitted to return to work until doing so.

NAL must continue to routinely test at this frequency until the county rate declines and remains at a lower rate (5-10%) for 14 days. At which time, NAL will move to weekly employee testing. The lowest activity rate (

Currently, all residents and representatives are notified of positive COVID cases of staff and residents, and this will continue. With the confirmation of a single positive test in either staff or residents, NAL communications also will include the notification that all residents in the nursing facility will be tested. The NAL clinical team will continue to notify residents and their representatives of test results.

Are there sufficient testing supplies?

Currently, NAL has sufficient testing supplies to begin routine testing, however, additional supplies will be required to continue testing as mandated and have been ordered. As the detailed guidance for new testing requirements was only recently released on August 26, NAL has responded promptly to develop internal procedures, including the acquisition of testing supply inventory. There are early indications that supply chain may experience shortages. NAL will continue to work with local and state health departments should supply shortages occur.

Important COVID-19 Communications 

Consistent with CMS guidance, our COVID-19 activity reports include any cases of active COVID-19 among our staff and residents.

Neighborhood: Extended Care

  Resident Active  

  COVID-19 Cases  

  Staff Active  

  COVID-19 Cases  

               Harbor/River Ridge Extended Care                



               Brook Extended Care                



                Cascade Extended Care                



               Memory Care House                


Neighborhood: Post-Acute Care 


        Bay/Bay Suites Post-Acute Care           

0 0

Neighborhood: Assisted Living


                Bryhl Assisted Living                

0 0

Neighborhood: Independent Living


                Sena Rownd                

0 0

                Glen Arbor                

0 0

                Glen Meadows                

0 0

                Park Ridge Ranches                









1.  Since April, twenty-eight (28) total nursing facility residents were diagnosed with COVID -19; twenty-two (22) have fully recovered. 

 2.   Since April, a total of (61) sixty-one NAL staff members were diagnosed with COVID-19 and (57) fifty-seven have recovered.

3. County positivity rate is above 10% and  employees are tested twice a week. A positive employee test requires all nursing facility residents to be tested. All nursing facility residents, who were tested this week, are negative.  Staff and resident testing will continue next week, per current guidance.

Thank you. 


Q. Are you testing all residents and staff? 

A. See above.

Q. Does NAL have sufficient PPE? 

A. We began receiving manufactured PPE the week of April 13 and currently have sufficient supplies to meet immediate needs. PPE inventory is tracked and reported daily to Iowa Department of Public Health. This process allows us to work collectively to meet continued needs. 

Q. Do all staff wear masks and PPE? 

A. All staff must wear face masks while working in any resident setting. Additionally, face shields are worn in the Bryhl and Nursing Facility and by Home Connections workers when providing services in our residential neighborhoods. A full complement of PPE is required for staff caring for residents who’ve been placed in isolation for any reason. 

Residents are encouraged to wear masks in all resident settings. 

Q. Are you informing residents and families when a resident was in direct contact with a staff member who tests positive for the virus? 

A. Residents who had direct contact with a staff member who tests positive for the virus are individually notified as well as their primary contacts. All NAL community residents, tenants, primary contacts and staff are notified when a positive COVID-19 diagnosis is received, and/or 3 or more residents and/or staff have new onset of symptoms of illness within 72 hours of one another.  At least weekly, the above contact groups are updated regarding cumulative COVID -19 activity including:  total, active and recovered COVID -19 cases among staff and residents. Current information can also be found on NewAldaya’s Face Book page and website:

 Q. How is an “outbreak” defined? 

A. Iowa Department of Public Health defines an outbreak as three residents that test positive within a building. 

Q. How do I contact a loved one? 

A. If your loved has a telephone or other communication device, we encourage you to have regular contact with them. For those residents without a telephone, our program team is doing its best to offer video-chat calls for residents and families on a regular basis. However, due to a number of factors, we are not able to schedule video-chat appointments at this time.

Q. Can I visit a NewAldaya resident? 

A. NewAldaya Nursing Facility

  • In-person Nursing Facility visits are not permitted until further notice. 
  • Visitors who are delivering essential items must enter and exit through Entrance #4. DO NOT bring items to Door 8
  • Window and protected visits for Nursing Facility residents and family continue; NAL staff will contact family members individually to schedule visits. 
  • Outdoor visits began the week of September 1st; NAL staff will contact family members individually to schedule visits. 

      Bryhl Assisted Living: 

The Bryhl continues phase 3 of its reopening plan.


       Residential (Independent Living: 

  • NAL and residents have developed the phased reopening approach. Residents should be contacted directly with regard to visits. NAL residential neighborhoods have advanced to Phase 3.  

Q. Where can I find the most current visitor information? 

A. NAL is providing communications on both our website and social media pages to inform the public of changes to visiting guidelines and operations.

Q. Are you accepting appointments for residential living, nursing facility and Bryhl tours? 

  • Tours of NewAldaya’s residential neighborhoods are available by appointment. Please call 268.0401 for additional information and to schedule an appointment. 
  • We invite you to call regarding the Bryhl Assisted Living program – we will be happy to provide further information and schedule a tour.
  • No tours can be done at this time in the Nursing Facility. For information, please call 268-0401 and you will be directed to our Admissions Coordinator. 

Q. Is Main Street open? 

  • NewAldaya’s Main Street venues and services are open to the public.   Current safety measures with regard to these spaces are in effect: Social distancing, seating for groups, cleaning, etc. Our Main Street staff practice hand hygiene and wear face masks for everyone’s safety.


  • NewAldaya residents (residential living) are strongly encouraged to wear face coverings and to follow all other recommendations when visiting the Main Street.


  • Guests/visitors are encouraged to don a face covering.


  •  NewAldaya residents (residential living)  have advanced to Phase 3 and visitors should contact residents directly.

Q. Are you still screening staff and visitors? 

  • Staff will continue to be screened at the start and end of their shifts in all NAL community settings.  
  • When seeing AL tenants or IL residents, all essential healthcare workers (VNA, Hospice, etc.), must also check- in for screening at Door #4.
  • Main/Street Visitor/Guest screening is not required. Should a guest stop for screening, we’ll gladly do so.
  • Please do not visit if you are not feeling well. 

Q. Are Chapel services being held? 

A. Chapel services have resumed. All current public health precautions are in effect: Social distancing, seating for groups, cleaning, etc.

Q. Is the Wellness Center open? 

A. The Wellness Center is open to the public. All current public health precautions with regard to these spaces are in effect: Social distancing, seating for groups, cleaning, etc.

Q. Is the Salon open? 

A. The Salon is open by appointment only. Please call 319.553-2210 to schedule your service. All current public health precautions with regard to salons are in effect: Social distancing, face coverings, cleaning, etc.

Q. Are Friday Night Live Performances resuming? 

A. Elm's Pub is closed and Friday Night Live performances have been canceled until September 20th per the Governor's proclamation.

River Rock Cafe is open to the public offering a full menu as well as a choice of non-alcholic or alcoholic beverages.

Q. If I am committed to a volunteer activity, what should I do? 

A. Thank you in advance for your continued and loyal commitment to our residents and community. 

As the NAL community has varying reopening timelines and phases relative to its resident neighborhoods and facilities, NAL staff will contact volunteers directly during the coming weeks.