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By: Luella Schuler (90-year-old NewAldaya Resident) on NewAldaya Lifescapes

Exercise? Of course! Even if you don't feel like it. By going to class, you exercise regularly and with more intensity than just walking around in your apartment. We work on core strength, coordination, and balance, which all helps us in our daily lives. And on top of all that, we have good fellowship and a fun time!

By: Gwen Sandven (87-year-old NewAldaya Resident) on NewAldaya Lifescapes

Time for exercise class! The class challenges and works with us to strengthen our cores and to improve our balance. We stop and take deep breaths and exhale, then we are moving again! It is a beneficial time.

By: Ted G. Family on NewAldaya Lifescapes

NewAldaya has really been a Godsend. The staff there are wonderful. They are so good to not only [our father] but to us as well. We have nothing but high praises for the facility and staff.

By: Everyone is so helpful, kind, and compassionate. on NewAldaya Lifescapes

Everyone is so helpful, kind, and compassionate.

By: Merelyn on NewAldaya Lifescapes

I was most unhappy that I fell and fractured my hip. My life is very busy and I had no time to lay around.

After three hospital days I was transferred to NewAldaya Lifescapes. That was when things changed. Therapy was started and I began to feel like I was training for something. My email to my family and church told that I felt like I was training for the Olympics, but I wasn't sure I could try to compete in it! ... I'm 86.

I can only say that the therapists did their job in dealing with each person in what they needed for their getting back to being healthy again. Much laughter helped along the way.

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