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Frequently Asked Questions

What does NewAldaya’s full continuum of care mean?

When you choose NewAldaya Lifescapes as your next home, you truly won’t have to leave our campus again for health care. We offer all levels of care from independent living to long-term care and memory care.

Do you currently have any open rooms?

Please call to see if we have rooms available. Contact us at (319) 268-0401 during business hours or any time at (319) 240-4571.

What is the cost of living at NewAldaya?

Care rates differ depending on the level of care needed. To learn more, please call (319) 268-0401.

Who can use Main Street?

Main Street is open to the public. We invite everyone to come and experience the magic of NewAldaya’s Main Street. If interested in reserving a space for your private function, please contact 319-268-0401.

What type of retirement community is NewAldaya?

NewAldaya Lifescapes is a Continuous Care Lifeplan Community. This means that we offer multiple plans to address your needs. Our Lifescapes programs include Independent Living, Assisted Living, Skilled and Rehabilitation, Extended Care, Outpatient Therapy and Memory Care.

What is the difference between a Life Plan Community and other retirement housing options?

A Life Plan Community gives a person immediate access to care and living options. For example, if Betty enters NewAldaya Lifescapes’ Independent Living Community and requires therapy or needs to make a move to Assisted Living, she can. As a member of NewAldaya’s Life Plan Community, Betty has priority access. A person in a stand-alone facility must leave one level of care and move to another community that offers a higher level of services.

What is Residential Living?

At NewAldaya Lifescapes, we define Independent Living as a life full of luxuries. You are free to live without the chores, maintenance, and upkeep that often accompany owning your own home. With the option of housekeeping, laundry and chore services, what is left to do but enjoy life? We offer one-, two- and three-bedroom living options.

How can I schedule a tour?

To schedule your tour, contact us at (319) 268-0401.

What is Assisted Living?

At NewAldaya’s Bryhl Assisted Living, you will enjoy life with support for your daily needs. Bryhl Assisted Living offers the privacy of your own apartment. The staff prepare three delicious meals a day. You have a choice to receive chore services including help with bathing, dressing, grooming and other daily activities.

Are service packages available at NewAldaya Lifescapes?

Yes! Each person has the option to select a service package of their choice. We have options when it comes to arranging for assistance with medications and personal care needs.

What is Skilled Nursing Care?

Skilled Care is an acute type of nursing service for individuals who need a short period of therapy and rehabilitation prior to returning to their own home. At NewAldaya, we have a top notch therapy team located right here on campus.

How do I go about getting my loved one into Skilled Care at NewAldaya from the hospital?

We know you have choice, and we hope you choose NewAldaya. Speak with the social workers on your unit and tell them you would like your loved one to go to NewAldaya Lifescapes for skilled care. With your consent, the social worker will contact our admissions director and provide them with the appropriate discharge information. Our admissions director will check your loved one’s insurance coverage and assess whether NewAldaya can meet all your loved one’s needs.

Our physician will not follow us to NewAldaya. Does that mean we have to go somewhere else?

Absolutely not! Your physician must accept calls 24/7 for their patients. Even if your physician does not make rounds at NewAldaya Lifescapes, we can provide transportation to all medical appointments. If you cannot be transported, we have routine physicians who will see you. If your physician is not available, we may contact our Medical Director, Dr. James Peterson, for emergency situations.

What happens if I complete my skilled stay but am not ready to return home?

While many patients return to their previous living situation, some may not feel ready after their skilled care treatment is complete. We encourage safety first. Out team of professionals will assist you and your loved one with both temporary and long term options. As a campus community, we have short- and long-term stays in our Extended Care, Assisted and Independent Living Lifescapes.

What is Extended Care?

Extended Care is for individuals who are in need of round the clock care, seven days a week. This is also referred to as Nursing Care.

What kinds of Recreation Therapy Programs do you offer?

We offer innovative programming that individual’s campus-wide enjoy. Examples include Exercise Groups, Movie Matinees, Musical Bingo, Social Hour, Book Club and Friday Night Live.

How do I pay for all this?

NewAldaya Lifescapes has several payer options. We work with you to determine the best personal option. Individuals may pay privately. We accept several insurance options, including Medicare and private insurance. Participation in Medicaid (Title XIX), CDAC and other government supported finance options are also accepted, depending on availability.

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