How NewAldaya Lifescapes Helps Prevent Repeated Trips to the Emergency Room

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Growing older is a natural part of life but having a healthy, happy lifestyle depends on how you choose to continue to take care of yourself. At assisted living communities, you can be independent but have immediate help when needed. …Read More

Avoid Complications: Follow These Post-Surgery Do’s & Don’ts

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Avoid Complications: Follow These Post-Surgery Do’s & Don’ts Surgery is never undertaken lightly. When prescribed, it’s typically viewed as a necessary course of action to correct an unwanted or untenable condition. But just as surgery is vital to tackle this …Read More

Tips for an Easier Transition into Independent Living

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    Tips for an Easier Transition into Independent Living Making the move to an independent living facility marks the beginning of a new chapter for your loved one. However, that initial move can feel much more like an ending …Read More

Top Health Trends for Seniors and Their Potential Benefits

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Top Health Trends for Seniors and Their Potential Benefits When people discuss “trendsetters,” they’re usually talking about the latest fad gripping teens and twenty-somethings, and the folks who kicked those trends off. But here at NewAldaya Lifescapes, we know that …Read More

Is Your Home Safe for Your Return After a Surgery?

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If you’re headed for surgery, you’re likely to be given an extensive list for preoperative preparation that lets you know how to get ready, and what to expect during surgery. Upon discharge, you’ll probably be given another sheaf of papers, …Read More

Senior Health: Exercises and Activities for Staying Fit

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Caring for Cedar Valley seniors has taught all of us at NewAldaya Lifescapes that the real trick to aging isn’t living longer, but living better. Many Iowa seniors are finding that physical fitness is the key to a good life …Read More

How to Know if Your Loved One Needs a Memory Care Facility

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We would do nearly anything for our loved ones. However, some decisions don’t come as easily as others. For many families, deciding whether it’s time to admit a loved one to a memory care facility can be complex, confusing, and …Read More

The Benefits of Socialization in Retirement Communities

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It’s one of the central paradoxes of aging: we want to maintain our independence, but “aging in place” — living out our golden years in our own homes to maintain our independence — can actually age us faster. There’s a …Read More

How to Help Your Loved One Downsize for Assisted Living

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Your loved ones accumulate a lot in the course of a long, fruitful life. Clothing, mementos, photographs, trinkets, and many more items that are more than just stuff tend to accumulate over time. Many of these items have stories connected …Read More

The Benefits of Choosing an Independent Living Facility

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Retirement can be rewarding. It can also remind us that there are things we’d much rather be doing than raking leaves or shoveling snow. SeniorAdvisor points out that if you’ve celebrated your 65th birthday, you can expect about 20 more …Read More