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By: Tim on NewAldaya Lifescapes

Since the start of my therapy the staff has treated me with a respect and professionalism that makes me as a patient believe in everything that they have me do and the reason I am doing it.

They all have a great sense of humor and keep the mood light so it's fun to go to therapy. I came to them after laying in a hospital bed for 31 days, without using my muscles. They started out slow and I feel I am getting stronger every day and my motor skills are gradually returning.

One thing I know is that the staff genuinely cares about me and my progress. I am looking forward to returning to a normal life. Thanks to them and all that they have done for me.

By: Sandy on NewAldaya Lifescapes

When I first started my PT/OT therapy here, I had just come from the Mayo Clinic. The drive here took the energy out of me and I felt as though I took two steps back. I was pretty down. So needless to say, my first day was very tiring, but everyone in therapy was so friendly and positive that it eased my mind and I knew I could get through this.

Every day has gotten better. Everything is explained very clearly and copies of exercises have been given to me (this has helped me a lot). I've been given great advice and ideas for when I go home. I was nervous about my home evaluation but Julie made that process go very smoothly. I appreciate the items that have been given to me (shoe horn, grabber, etc.) to help me at home.

I cannot express enough how wonderful the staff is! I am looking forward to going home but will miss not working with everyone. I owe you all so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

By: Elva on NewAldaya Lifescapes

I'm so grateful we decided to move here. It is reassuring to know that I no longer have to worry about home maintenance AND I have access to services and amenities right here in my new neighborhood. I love being a resident of the Glen Arbor neighborhood!

By: Cleo on NewAldaya Lifescapes

I love my independence, yet I am so close to the fun Main Street amenities that my friends and I truly enjoy!

By: Eddie and Juanita on NewAldaya Lifescapes

No grass to mow and no snow to throw. We couldn't be happier about our decision to make the move!

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