Resident Life


May 2022

  • Coffee in PAC/Cafe

    Sunday, May 15th–22nd

    NewAldaya - PAC/Cafe


    Come join us every Sunday for Coffee in PAC/Cafe!

  • Brain Fitness in PAC

    Monday, May 16th–23rd

    NewAldaya - PAC


    Come join us every Monday for Brain Fitness in PAC!

  • Vesper's Service

    Wednesday, May 18th–25th

    NewAldaya - Chapel


    Vesper's Service in the Chapel

  • Stronger

    Thursday, May 19th–26th

    Wellness Center


    Back to Basics - This class will incorporate all elements of fitness, increasing your cardiovascular fitness and strength while at the same time improving your flexibility.This class is great for those beginners of all ages just starting an exercise program.

  • Musical Bingo

    Thursday, May 19th–26th



    Come join us every Thursday for Musical Bingo!

  • Garden Club

    Thursday, May 19th–26th

    NewAldaya - GH/Outdoors


    Join us for Garden Club in the Greenhouse/Outside!

  • Bingo in City Park

    Friday, May 20th–27th

    NewAldaya - City Park


    Come join us every Friday for Bingo in City Park!

  • Movie in Library

    Saturday, May 21st–28th

    NewAldaya - Library


    Come join us every Saturday for a Movie in the Library! No movie showing December 24th.

S.A.G.E. UNIversity®

S.A.G.E. UNIversity® is an exciting intergenerational opportunity that connects older adults and senior-level college students. Founded in 2014, S.A.G.E. UNIversity's inspiration grew out of NewAldaya Lifescapes' innovative initiative: Live Better and Live Well.

As a nonprofit retirement community, NewAldaya's award-winning initiative offers a holistic approach to the health and well-being of older adults, both on the NewAldaya campus and in the community.

S.A.G.E. UNIversity is a platform to spark conversations between NewAldaya residents (senior citizens) and students (college seniors) for a human relations course at the University of Northern Iowa.

The unique partnership is a natural fit with NewAldaya's goal to give residents social opportunities to connect with others. Our residents learn from, share experiences with, and form connections with these college students. Both groups learn to appreciate the similarities and differences among generations.


Relax and leave the driving to us. Don't let bad weather or lack of transportation keep you from living life to fullest. NewAldaya Lifescapes can transport you to doctor appointments and shopping trips, among other outings.

Schedule a ride by calling (319)553-2212 as soon as you know your appointment or event date and time.

Please schedule your transportation request 24 hours in advance.