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Bingo in City Park
NewAldaya - City Park
Thursday, March 11th - March 18, 2022th
2:00 pm

Come join us every Friday for Bingo in City Park!

Wellness Center
Tuesday, Friday, March 10th - March 17, 2022th
8:30 am

Back to Basics – This class will incorporate all elements of fitness, increasing your cardiovascular fitness and strength while at the same time improving your flexibility.This class is great for those beginners of all ages just starting an exercise program.

Vesper’s Service
NewAldaya - Chapel
Wednesday, March 9th - March 16, 2022th
4:00 pm

Vesper’s Service in the Chapel

Brain Fitness in PAC
NewAldaya - PAC
Monday, March 7th - March 14, 2022th
2:00 pm

Come join us every Monday for Brain Fitness in PAC!

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