Reassess Your Loved One’s Care Needs and Give Them a Fresh Start to the Year

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If you have a loved one under the care of NewAldaya Lifescapes, now is a good time to meet with their team of caregivers and reassess their care needs for the new year. Whether it’s a change in physical health, a decline in mental faculties, or just a desire for a change of scenery, our retirement community and assisted living home always does what’s best for our residents.

Long-Term Planning

In the ideal scenario, the changes to your loved one’s physical or mental health will happen slowly. In fact, it might take some time before we begin seeing signs that they’re less mobile than they used to be, or that they are finding it more difficult to accomplish everyday tasks such as dressing and hygiene. Because these changes happen gradually, it’s easy to get lulled into a false sense of security and not be as vigilant as necessary in terms of identifying problems that need addressing. However, our comprehensive approach to all facets of senior care, including senior home health care, ensure that we remain actively involved with evaluating, researching, and planning the appropriate care for your loved one.

Short-Term Planning

If your loved one experiences an unexpected illness or suffers a sudden injury – for example, a stroke or a fall – the change in their mental or physical health might develop rapidly, necessitating a notably different approach from “long-term planning”. As people age, the risk of sudden changes increases – one moment a person might have no problem going about their daily business in one of our apartments for seniors, and in the next, they might struggle to complete simple projects or suffer from a significant decline in mobility. In such circumstances, NewAldaya Lifescapes works closely with you to assess your loved one’s condition and develop an appropriate care plan in conjunction with the necessary medical specialists.


If you haven’t already done so, this is a good time to help your loved ones put their wishes for future care in writing. Even if they’re in terrific physical and mental condition, this will give them the peace of mind of knowing their wishes will be understood and respected, even if they lose the capacity to make decisions about their own care in the future. There are several ways that your loved one can approach this type of documentation, and one of the most common is an “advance statement”, which is a record of their general preferences for how they would like to be cared for. This can include information about where they would like to be cared for, who should be consulted about their care, and other personal preferences such as religious or dietary choices.

Additionally, your loved one might choose to stipulate an “advance decision”, also known as a “living will,” to refuse treatment for an illness that may arise in the future. A living will is a legally binding way for a loved one to identify specific medical treatments that he/she does not want to receive in the future. This documentation is only necessary in the event that your loved one is unable to make or communicate these decisions on their own.

Let’s Reassess Your Loved One’s Care Needs Today

Whether your loved one’s care needs change gradually or suddenly, count on NewAldaya Lifescapes to interface with you regularly so that we always have a plan of action in place. Taking the initiative, being proactive, and working as a team are traits that make us one of the most trusted senior living communities in Iowa.