How NewAldaya Lifescapes Helps Prevent Repeated Trips to the Emergency Room

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Growing older is a natural part of life but having a healthy, happy lifestyle depends on how you choose to continue to take care of yourself. At assisted living communities, you can be independent but have immediate help when needed. Having nurses and aides regularly check on you will help prevent illnesses and hospital visits.

avoid the emergency room

How do the Elderly End up in the Emergency Room?

Over 20 million elderly people are being treated annually in emergency rooms so the nation has created new guidelines to follow in order to educate ER staff on geriatric care. Falls, heart attacks and strokes are commonly associated with seniors when they go to the hospital, but there are other conditions that are just as critical such as adverse drug effects, COPD and infections. A congressional report studying Medicare beneficiaries found 60 percent of ER visits could be preventable. NewAldaya Lifescapes provides services and staff to detect a serious condition. By choosing our community, your loved one could avoid the expense and discomfort of repeatedly going to the ER and stay in the comfort of their own living community.

How are assisted living communities prepared to prevent falls?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that 1 in 4 seniors experience a fall each year. After the first fall, the chances of a senior falling again doubles, which puts seniors at risk of head injuries, breaking hips or other bones, and experiencing traumatic brain injuries. Assisted living communities are equipped to prevent falls that could hurt you or your loved one because the facility is prepared with equipment such as handrails in the hallways and stairwells as well as grab bars in bathrooms and entrance ramps that make walking up an incline easier for seniors. At NewAldaya, we pledge to provide you with exceptional and cutting edge care and are pleased to offer skilled nursing services and therapy services to help you or a loved one recover and return home. The more a senior trains, the less likely they are to experience a fall because they have gained stronger motor skills through their exercises. By combining safety equipment with our classes, we work to prevent falls that often force seniors to visit the ER.

Detecting Illness Early Prevents ER Visits

Respiratory illnesses lead to a large percentage of emergency room visits. When older adults get colds, the flu, pneumonia or other respiratory illnesses, they require immediate medical attention to save their lives. Unfortunately, seniors try to dismiss early symptoms because they do not want to go to the hospital, but when ignored, the symptoms become extreme. Thankfully, seniors at NewAldaya have regular contact with aides and nurses that know how to identify the early signs of illness. By knowing about their early onset symptoms, seniors can schedule appointments with their doctors instead of going to the ER; it can save seniors money, avoid severe symptoms and improve their health by maintaining regular contact with their physicians.

Exercise can Delay Illness

Seniors should dedicate at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity each week and participate in muscle strengthening exercises at least twice a week. By getting enough exercise, seniors can delay many of the illnesses that require ER visits. Aerobic activity lowers the risk of heart attacks and strokes. At NewAldaya, our residents have access to rehabilitation therapy professionals that will create an individualized treatment plan and assist in goal setting. Furthermore, we have professionally licensed nurses, social workers and a dietician available to our residents for additional instructions. By pairing physical activity with nutritious meals, seniors can also avoid conditions like diabetes, which can lead to sudden symptoms that require immediate medical attention.

Proper Nutrition

Everyone requires a balanced diet to lead a healthy life, but as we age, eating nutritious meals becomes even more important to preserve our health. For seniors, their diet should consist of ample amounts of calcium and vitamin D to improve bone health and prevent breaks; vitamin B12 to assistive in cognitive function, maintain adequate energy levels, and preventing heart disease; and potassium to regulate blood pressure. Without these key nutrients, seniors become more prone to sudden changes in their health. At NewAldaya, our knowledgeable dietician will design a meal plan to keep you healthy to avoid long-term illnesses and trips to the ER.

Around the Clock Observation

At NewAldaya, we give seniors the privacy that they need to live independently, but we do offer our residents around the clock access to our staff. Our trained staff members help seniors avoid potentially dangerous situations and reduce the risk of having to make a trip to the ER. With around the clock observation, staff members will be able to notice a change in health or behavior quickly and take action for treatment if necessary.


Why Choose NewAldaya?

We offer our residents a full continuum of care under the same roof including medication administration, on-site X-rays, and spiritual care and support. Our residents will have the comfort of knowing we will always be their home and never have to leave the campus if you choose not to. At our community, you will always be our first priority. Find your next home today!