Intellectual Well-being at NewAldaya

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Intellectual wellness is improved when an individual engages in creative and stimulating mental activities to expand their knowledge and skills and help them discover the potential for sharing their gifts with others. Intellectual wellness can be developed through academics, cultural involvement, community involvement, and personal hobbies.

Intellectual wellness encourages learning. It is important to explore new thoughts, ideas, and understandings in order to become more mindful and well-rounded. Having a developed level of intellectual wellness stimulates exploration. Intellectual wellness also encourages curiosity. Curiosity is important because it motivates people to try new things and develop an understanding of how they see the relationship between themselves, others, and the environment.

In order to begin the path to intellectual wellness, one must remember to be open-minded. Be open to new ideas, new cultures, new knowledge, new skills and new environments. This allows a person to explore issues relating to problem solving, critical thinking, learning and creativity.

Simple steps to increase your intellectual wellness

  • Read for fun.
  • Debate an issue with a friend, but choose the viewpoint opposite the one you hold.
  • Learn new things, improve your skills for studying and learning.
  • Play a game.
  • Play a musical instrument.
  • Do crossword or Sudoku puzzles.