Top Health Trends for Seniors and Their Potential Benefits

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Top Health Trends for Seniors and Their Potential Benefits

When people discuss “trendsetters,” they’re usually talking about the latest fad gripping teens and twenty-somethings, and the folks who kicked those trends off. But here at NewAldaya Lifescapes, we know that there are trendsetters of every age. So just what are the trends that seniors here in Cedar Falls, Iowa are embracing to keep themselves fit and active?


Fitness Tracking

Who says the latest tech is for the young? We’ve seen smartwatches and fitness trackers sweeping through the senior crowd over the past couple of years. As these devices get more sophisticated, they provide even greater utility for keeping seniors happy and healthy. Step trackers prompt seniors to get up and about, and provide useful measurements for gauging completed activity.

Whether it’s steps taken, staircases climbed, or “active minutes,” seniors and their caregivers have a way to accurately keep an eye on fitness. Even better? Many of these devices feature connected apps that allow families to see one another’s progress and compete. Many seniors here at NewAldaya Lifescapes have been surprised to find that they take more steps in a day than their children or grandchildren who are stuck behind desks. These devices continue to get more sophisticated; the latest Apple watches can perform an ECG at any time. They can also detect falls and help seniors call for help. As advancements like these continue to be made, we expect this trend to continue.


New technology is good for more than just counting steps. Just as some of those smart watches enable seniors to call loved ones right from their wrist, new technology has revolutionized communication—and that extends to communication between doctors and patients. For non-emergency concerns, video calling services—the same ones many seniors use to communicate with far-flung family members—allow seniors and their doctors to touch base and talk over health concerns and checkups. They may even discuss the data collected from those fitness trackers. And while in-person visits are still vital, replacing some of them with them with remote visits provides seniors with more time and greater independence.

Alternative Healthcare Providers

Today’s generation of U.S. seniors is the largest senior population to date, as Baby Boomers have entered their golden years. The medical community is adjusting to this shift, as primary care providers see their number of senior patients increasing. To fill this increased need, nurse practitioners, advanced practice registered nurses, and others have stepped in. These highly trained professionals offer specialized services for seniors, such as skilled therapy to get seniors back on their feet after an injury or illness. These practitioners are also helping seniors take the advice of their primary care providers and apply it on a day-to-day basis. In assisted living, nurse practitioners and other skilled health aides help turn diagnoses and care directives into daily routines and schedules. In short, they help seniors bring their healthcare home.

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