Getting Back to Your Resolutions

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If you made a New Year’s resolution to improve your health but got sidetracked due to an unforeseen surgery or health issue, NewAldaya Lifescapes can help. We have tips for keeping your resolutions as well as insights into how outpatient therapy and other services can deliver a well-timed boost.

Tips for Getting Back to Your Resolutions

Be Accountable   

Be accountable to yourself through a written promise or inspirational note. Likewise, you can be accountable to friends and family by emailing a monthly update, creating a Facebook page, or forming a support group with those who have set similar goals. If social media isn’t your thing, consider a website like, where you’re sure to find people with similar goals who are also seeking accountability and motivation.

Stay Realistic

Forget perfection. Instead of pushing yourself to run an entire 5K, focus on completing it and build from there. For resolutions such as exercise, weight loss, smoking cessation, remember that some progress is better than none. If your goal is to workout at the gym for 30 minutes every day, but sometimes you can only squeeze in 10 minutes, that’s more than enough to feel good about.

Learn from Your Mistakes

Human beings are perfectly imperfect. Mistakes are part of our DNA. If you fail to accomplish a goal, take a moment to reflect on what worked and what didn’t. Don’t be afraid to scale back or break a big goal into smaller steps. We’re exceptionally adaptable–if 30 straight minutes of exercise isn’t feasible, adapt to a different plan such as a 20-minute walk after lunch and 10 minutes on the elliptical before dinner.

How Can Outpatient Therapy Help?

For patients recovering from surgery while enjoying independent living near Cedar Falls, outpatient therapy is highly effective. Whether you choose to partake in physical therapy, occupational therapy, or a combination of the two, outpatient therapy will hasten your post-surgery recovery and have you resuming normal activities much sooner than people who don’t participate in an outpatient solution. 

The focus of outpatient therapy is to help patients regain their normal function, but sometimes even the most optimistic participant can feel like the process is too time-consuming or too hard to keep up with. Our rehabilitation specialists understand this, which is why we customize an outpatient program to each individual’s unique needs. This includes services like physical, occupational, or speech therapies tailored to your personal medical needs, lifestyle, and requirements to help you get back into the swing of everyday life as quickly as possible. 

The treatment providers at NewAldaya Lifescapes are keen to help you understand your condition. We’re always available to answer questions about medical issues and help you understand the reasons behind a given course of treatment. In our view, the better you understand your condition, the more likely you are to stick to your rehab program, and the quicker you’ll see the benefits. 

Reignite Your Resolutions Today

If recovery from an injury, surgery, or illness has put your New Year’s resolutions on pause, trust NewAldaya Lifescapes to help get you back on track. Whether the solution is outpatient therapy, weekly rehabilitation, or a new variation on your extended care in Iowa, contact us today, and let’s get started.