Four Myths About Assisted Living

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As much as we’d love to stay young forever, growing older is a fact of life – and dependence on others is sometimes a necessity. For many people, transitioning to an assisted living provider is the right choice. If you or your loved one is apprehensive about this, allow NewAldaya Lifescapes to clear up a few myths about assisted living. 

Myth 1: “Assisted Living” is Synonymous With “Nursing Home”

This is one of the most common misunderstandings about senior living. In reality, there are significant differences between the two. The biggest of these can be boiled down to the fact that an assisted living community provides housing and care to mostly independent seniors who might require some help with daily tasks. However, these residents do not need the more specialized care, i.e. for a chronic illness or permanent disability, that’s provided at a nursing home.

Though assisted living communities typically maintain a staff of nursing professionals, these folks function on a “call when needed” basis and not a regular schedule of consultations and treatment. A good way to view assisted living is as a place where a senior would go to maintain their quality of life and independence. The presence of a medical staff just ensures that the senior remains independent for longer.

Myth 2: Families Should Care for Their Elders

There’s no denying that for many families, caring for senior relatives can strengthen relationships and add a new dimension of fulfillment. But if this is a path you’re considering, we recommend having a serious conversation about everything that’s involved and the things that a caregiver may have to sacrifice. For example, their ability to work an existing job, engage in social interactions and relationships and maintain good physical and mental health. Just as you expect a high quality of life for your elderly loved one, you should expect the same for yourself. Choosing assisted living could result in a happier, healthier life for both of you.

Myth 3: Assisted Living is More Expensive Than Staying Home

At many senior retirement communities, the cost for assisted living services includes pretty much anything you can think of – entertainment, meals, access to amenities, therapeutic services, memory care, and medical attention. On the other hand, after totaling up your “stay home” costs – mortgage, taxes, maintenance, and utilities, plus the cost of modifying your home with necessary safety features and hiring a part-time caregiver – you may find that assisted living provides better value.

Myth 4: Blah Food, Boring Activities

Assisted living communities are changing their approach to food and activities to reflect the aging of the Baby Boomer generation, which collectively constitutes a more demanding consumer. Sure, bingo and dominoes are still around, but virtual reality theaters, spas, and all manner of tech-related activities are growing in popularity. Regarding meals, assisted living centers are embracing an approach that’s less about buffet lines and more about a restaurant-style experience with better food and more appealing choices – akin to what seniors of today are used to partaking in at home.

Learn More About Assisted Living Today

Waiting for a sudden life change might hinder your loved one’s ability to be admitted into assisted living. It’s best to enroll early when all that’s needed is a helping hand with the basic activities of daily living. Contact us today to talk more about assisted living, senior independent living, and all of the amenities that NewAldaya Lifescapes offers.