Aging in Place vs. Independent Living Facilities

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Seniors today have several options to consider when thinking about living arrangements. This of course leads to questions about which option is best – for example, aging in place vs. independent living facilities. Both have unique dynamics that NewAldaya Lifescapes discusses here so that you and your elderly loved one can make the best choice.

Independent Living Facilities

One of the many upsides to an independent living facility is the absence of maintenance or “age-related” modifications. Whereas a senior who opts to age in place will likely need to make modifications to his home to improve safety and accessibility, in a senior living community these things are handled for you. This includes all necessary modifications, as well as general chores such as lawn care and simple household touchups and repairs.

For many seniors, an independent living facility offers more opportunities for socialization. Loneliness is a real concern for seniors who choose to age in place, whereas communal living provides access to all kinds of activities with people from the same age group. This in turn makes it easier for a senior to make new friends and try new things. Also, even though an independent living facility might represent a larger upfront cost than aging in place, many seniors and their families are happy to pay a little bit more for the invaluable peace of mind that an independent living facility provides.

Aging in Place

Aging has its own advantages, the biggest of which is familiarity. Given the choice between staying in a familiar environment or moving to a retirement community in Iowa, plenty of seniors would choose the first option. The reason is clear: it can be distressing to leave an established environment. However, as mentioned above, at some point home modifications will likely be necessary for improved safety and accessibility. Aging in place might very well be the ideal solution for a senior who’s fully mobile and in good health, but it’s important to consider the long-view too. Aging in place involves a lot of planning ahead so that a senior doesn’t wind up in a situation where it’s too late to pursue critical home modifications and lifestyle changes.

Another advantage to aging in place is that it’s easier to get together with friends and family. This assumes that a senior has no trouble driving or getting out of the house on his own. However, as mobility decreases it’s not uncommon for someone to start feeling lonely. It’s at this point that a decision is necessary: whether to consider additional at-home support from professionals or relatives, or whether to relocate to an independent living facility that provides transportation and built-in companionship. This question becomes more complicated when topics arise such as the cost and logistics related to in-home modifications and full-time professional care, especially if a senior develops a serious health issue.

Let’s Talk About Senior Living Today

Far from being a one-size-fits-all solution, the right senior living choice depends on the person and the family. Now that you have a good idea of the pros and cons of an independent living facility and aging in place, contact NewAldaya Lifescapes for further insight before making your decision.