The Benefits of Socialization in Retirement Communities

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retirement community

It’s one of the central paradoxes of aging: we want to maintain our independence, but “aging in place” — living out our golden years in our own homes to maintain our independence — can actually age us faster. There’s a reason for this. Humans are social creatures. We thrive on companionship and friendship. That’s just one reason that NewAldaya Lifescapes offers a wide range of socialization options alongside our many living arrangements. Let’s look at the benefits that come with community.

Solitude Versus Isolation

Even though we’re hard-wired for community, everyone needs some time to themselves. That’s why the living options offered at NewAldaya Lifescapes are tailored to give older adults a bit of solitude when they need it.

However, as Psychology Today points out, there’s a difference between solitude and loneliness. We’re lonely when we’re cut off from human interaction, precisely because we’re isolated from the relationships that give our lives joy and meaning.  That loneliness, in turn, leads to a host of mental and physical illnesses that can include depression, cognitive decline, stress, and cardiovascular issues. A full social life isn’t some mere distraction; it does your mind and body good.

Benefits of Socialization

We offer a wide range of programs and amenities at NewAldaya Lifescapes that are designed to foster friendship and inject meaning into everyday life.

Community Integration

NewAldaya Lifescapes Main Street is more than a charming collection of shops and cafes. While we’re sure you’ll love the hearty soups and nourishing sandwiches at River Rock Cafe, or chatting with friends over a beer at Elm’s Pub, the food and drink are merely a side dish. The main course is the relationships you’ll develop, which give you an important sense of belonging.

Cognitive Improvements

We offer a wide variety of brain-boosting activities with friends right here on campus. Movie nights, brain games, and coffee socials help keep your mind engaged. So, too, does our unique S.A.G.E. UNIversity® program, which connects seniors with college students in a setting that lets each learn from the other. Other wellness activities, like our weekly Vespers service, help you cultivate a richer inner life in a community setting.

A Stronger Body

Mens sana in corpore sano — a strong mind in a healthy body — is why we also offer activities like our Garden Club and weekly fitness programs. Staying active with friends means everyone helps each other stay physically fit and get more enjoyment from their golden years!

The NewAldaya Lifescapes Staff

Besides your neighbors, there’s another aspect to the community life of NewAldaya Lifescapes that we’d be remiss not to mention: our kind and dedicated staff. While their skilled care is remarked on by residents and their families alike, they provide another service that’s just as important: their compassionate attention to each resident.

As you, or your loved ones, transition to a new phase in life, why not make the trip with good friends at your side? Tour the NewAldaya Lifescapes campus and see what a difference community makes in our residents’ lives and how it can enrich yours.